27 homeworlds



welcome to 27 homeworlds, a worldbuilding project across two universes and the astral magical plane that joins them.

our two planets of interest are baa and mutania. baa is a dying world circling two red suns full of alien creatures. mutania is closer to fantastical earth with magicians, but humans have been replaced with sapient animal species. currently, there are peoples based on the common ostrich, elephant seal, wild mountain boar, and giant otter.

"hard science fiction" is hard to define, but "hard science fantasy" is even more nebulously so. our fundamental building block is a dual universe that exploded in a big bang that caused an overlap between the two universes. with just a tweak of the laws of thermodynamics and the introduction of magical particles, things are science adjacent. familiar and able to be extrapolated based on current technological understanding, but not so bound to reality that we ignore cool shit.


the initial contributors are jyliet rose, maddy palmer, teresa francis, and 27. if you're interested in contributing, send an email to jmzpires@gmail.com to get access to the github repo. you can make pull requests and the site will be updated once they're merged.


the project started in february 2023 and is currently active.


right here.

finding your way around

if you find yourself getting lost, check out the sitemap link in the top navigation bar. it'll show you a full table of contents for the site divided into sections to make it easy to find your place.